Support for parents and guardians

We believe it is important to involve you in the programme of study chosen by your young person in your care and we offer excellent support and advice for you throughout the year.

All students at Abbeygate Sixth Form College have their own Personal Progress Tutor (PPT), who knows the students and their chosen course of study.

PPTs are responsible for monitoring the academic achievement, attendance and motivation of students. They will also work with the students on their progression onto their next steps.

If the PPT has any concerns, they will contact you. Similarly, if you have any concerns you should contact them.

Our commitment to our students and to parents/carers of students under the age of 18 years means that you will:

  • Have access to a report of attendance, progress and achievement information
  • Be given the opportunity to discuss the progress being made by your young person in your care with their PPT or other appropriate curriculum member.
  • Be informed at an early stage of any significant issues
  • Be informed of unexplained absences and persistent lateness

Extra help with your learning