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Aim Higher Programme

The Aim Higher Programme (AHP) at Abbeygate Sixth Form College is designed to ensure our students are supported and prepared for making an application to highly competitive Universities, with a particular focus on Early Entry courses including Oxbridge, Medicine, Vet Med and Dentistry. These courses include a multi-factorial admissions process that is renowned for it’s competitiveness and have an earlier deadline that students need to meet.

The programme aims to demystify the various aspects of the Early Entry application process, and give students the tools to not only feel confident in their understanding and preparedness of the stages they will go through, but also how to make their application as strong as possible.

High achieving students will be invited to join the Aim Higher Programme, where they will be offered the opportunity to attend lunchtime workshops and presentations, hear from guest speakers, sign up to relevant email mailing lists created by our Aim Higher Manager, and be offered one to one support and guidance throughout the process.

Aim Higher FAQs

What is it? The Aim Higher Programme is designed to support students considering competitive universities, helping them to be prepared and confident in making a successful application! Although this includes all competitive universities, we also offer specific advice and guidance on Early Entry courses including Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Vet Med!
How? The Aim Higher Programme combines workshops and presentations from a variety of visiting speakers, with one to one guidance and support from the Aim Higher Manager, as well as a range of resources such as the Aim Higher Padlet!
What sort of things do you cover? We look at what makes a competitive university, and what they are looking for in their applicants. We have focused this year on Supercurriculars, what they are and how to effectively log them, as well as competitive personal statement writing, and more! We also have Med Soc which runs through the Aim Higher programme, supporting students with exploring and preparing for Medicine, Dentistry and Vet Med!
What speakers are involved? The Aim Higher Programme sessions include a range of speakers, bought in to offer their expertise on different topics. This year some of our speakers have included local Doctors, West Suffolk Hospital, Exeter University, Durham University, Cambridge, Oxford and more!
What if I want to know more? You can contact our Aim Higher Manager, Rio Godfrey, via email with any questions that you have, or to set up a meeting –