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Helping your students plan next steps

The Careers Coaching Tool (EMSI) will help students find their progression pathway. The resources can be used individually, by parents, in school lesson planning to support in meeting your Gatsby Benchmarks, so pupils can find out more about our post-16 courses, opportunities and life at Abbeygate Sixth Form College. Our new Career Coaching tool (EMSI) allows you to explore careers and how best to pursue that aspiration. It can also help in guiding you to the most suitable pathway based of your interests and strengths- do an assessment, view your matches, explore the careers and find the right programme of study at the college. Take it a step further by creating an account to build your CV and send directly to employers. 

Careers Coach

We are also happy to come and deliver assemblies on the provision at Abbeygate and how to make the right choices. Please use the booking form HERE if you would like one of these for your school.