Our Sixth Form is a Community

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Abbeygate Sixth Form College is the start of something new. New beginnings, new opportunities and new innovative ideas to create a sixth form college like no other. Abbeygate is built upon strong core values of individuality, mutual respect and collaboration to form a professional working environment that I feel privileged to be a part of.

Abbeygate welcomes a wide variety of interests across its curriculum. Students are able to choose from a broad range of A levels including Photography, Music tech, Dance, Law and Government and Politics whilst still maintaining excellence in STEM and Humanities. However, what makes Abbeygate so special is how it goes beyond the curriculum. There is an extensive list of clubs, societies and committees; some of these include, Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, Ex Silentio (a choir), Debating Society, Book Club, the Charity Committee and many more.  Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate more in depth in their learning through Directed Independent Learning (DIL) tasks. These include reading articles, watching documentaries/YouTube clips and doing quizzes to broaden and consolidate their knowledge. Additionally, Abbeygate offers the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is a valuable qualification recognised by universities; where students choose a topic they are interested in and then research extensively to produce a documentary, extended piece of writing or an “artefact?” Students have found this very useful in not only sparking interest but as a mechanism to engage in the subjects they are passionate about.

“Pursuing your passions makes you more interesting” (Guy Kawasaki), and at Abbeygate the focus is to give you these opportunities to pursue. The school production “We Will Rock You” collaborated with King Edward VI students to produce a spectacular performance. Abbeygate is again joining forces with King Edward VI School in the music tour to Holland this year, in which its extensive range of musical ensembles comprised of instrumentalists and singers will be performing. Over the years, the Shanghai exchange programme has been extremely successful at King Edward VI School. Abbeygate students also have the opportunity to partake in the programme by visiting Shanghai and learning about the culture, education and enjoying everything Shanghai has to offer. They can also get involved when the Shanghai students visit us by going on trips, doing tours and hosting activities around sixth form. Finally, Politics is very prominent right now and in light of the recent election, government and politics students participated in a mock election, in which campaign managers and representatives for the political parties came together to deliver manifestos which ultimately resulted in the Green Party winning. There are many more opportunities to get involved with and it is encouraged that students participate fully inside and outside structured lessons.

Our sixth form is a community, a fun working environment, but more importantly, is there to transition you. Our Student Achievement Mentors (SAM’s) are dedicated to guide, support and enhance your experience here at Abbeygate. They will assist you in your education and post sixth form options such as UCAS applications, finding apprenticeships, work experience and seeking employment. Furthermore, they give students the opportunity to learn real life skills including protection from fraud, learning about taxation and plagiarism. Abbeygate itself is also experiencing a transition. Students are scheduled to move to the new building at the start of the new academic year, with tours being held in the summer term.

Sixth form is all about new beginnings, new opportunities and meeting new people with shared interests. Abbeygate strives to achieve not only success for our students, but to prepare them for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Written by Harvey Tilley, Abbeygate Student studying Chemistry, Maths and Psychology as well as completing an Extended Project Qualification.