Abbeygate results day case studies

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Elaine Abu

Elaine Abu from ASFC said: “I got an A in Politics, B in French, and B in English Literature. I had a great time studying here. I’m off to Edinburgh to study English Literature and French. After that I hope to work in the field of international business.”



Katie Pettit

Katie Pettit from ASFC said: “I did Business, Geography and Sociology and I got three B’s and I’m going to Nottingham Trent to do business management. I’ve really loved Abbeygate. I feel like I have been supported by my teachers, I have had amazing opportunities, and I have really enjoyed it here. Everyone is so enthusiastic, and I just feel like there are great opportunities.

In terms of advice for others who choose to study at ASFC, Katie added: “Put the work in. Start doing things in year 12. Don’t leave it all until the last few months because A Levels are harder than you think.”



Lewis Sullivan

Lewis from ASFC said: “I took PE, Sociology and English Language and I got B, C, C. It was what I was hoping for and it’s enough to get into my first choice university.

“I want to go to Leeds in September and hopefully long term, become some sort of physio and hopefully will go private with that for a sports team.

“I feel studying at Abbeygate has been amazing. The teachers have always given me the support when I needed it. To those thinking about studying at Abbeygate I’d say ‘go for it’.

“They have everything you need, new facilities, really good teachers - I couldn’t recommend it more.”