Public Duties and Action Plan


Our intent is to use education as a catalyst for positive social change and prosperity for the community we serve, leaving no one behind, which we intend to do in the following ways:

  • Leading by example, EDI is part of everyday life, rather than a legal requirement
  • Building on the benefits of diversity within our leadership, teaching and support teams we will take an inclusive pedagogy approach to the teaching of our curriculum; to encompass the diversity of thought, life experience and identity
  • Ensuring that our statutory responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity are more than just met - they are exceeded and integrated fully into our shared services and everything that we do.

The Equality Act places a special legal duty on public bodies which requires us to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other unlawful conduct defines in the Act
  • Advance equality of opportunity 
  • And foster good relations across the protected characteristics.

In practice, we need to ensure that we:

  • Consider the needs of people with different protected characteristics and the impact our activities could have on them
  • Take appropriate steps to remove or minimise anything that could disadvantage them.

The aim of the Duty is to ensure that we, and all other public bodies are able to recognise, understand and meet the needs of the diverse range of people we exist to serve. Here’s what we are doing to fulfil our responsibilities:

Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation

Instances of discrimination, harassment and bullying are treated seriously and dealt with vigorously in line with Eastern Colleges Group policies so that our students become active and informed citizens of the world who have been educated to take informed actions when faced with situations in their workplace and/or higher education setting.


  • Raise awareness and embed EDI into all aspects of the student journey commencing from application and interview stage and including induction, classroom practice, tutorials and via delivery of the curriculum.
  • Embed College Values incorporating the values of a modern, inclusive and democratic society into the curriculum and raise staff understanding across College.


  • To improve student awareness year on year. 
  • To include E&D activities within the student induction programme and within curriculum delivery
  • Staff development and training delivered across the academic year and embed within the curriculum 

Advance equality of opportunity

We support positive action by everyone to increase diversity – students, staff, managers and governors and we promote a culture that gives equal value, access, treatment and service to all.


  • Analyse recruitment data by protected characteristics
  • Promote greater diversity in employment by providing a welcoming and supportive workplace for minority staff
  • Within the context of the annual appraisal and pay progression progress, ensure review and approval is robust, transparent and fair to all staff. Analysis data of “unsuccessful” staff by protected characteristics with a view to identifying areas of concern to be used to inform future equality objectives
  • Increase wellbeing activities, in particular mental health awareness for staff to help them feel more positive and confident in supporting and referring colleagues
  • Continue to monitor student data to ensure barriers to success are identified and actions are taken to remove these
  • Improve confidence of all staff in embedding equality and diversity in all interventions with students



  • Continual review of staff and student recruitment data and identify issues for consideration resulting in positive action if appropriate
  • All new staff to have a buddy 
  • Once sufficient data has been collected trends or areas of concern should be 
  • Easier to identify and consideration can be given to measures to support positive action if appropriate

Foster good relations

Equality, diversity and including everybody is central to the work of senior leaders and governors and feedback from those that work, learn and support at ONE sixth from college is used to drive improvement.


  • Increase opportunities for cross college student and staff participation in celebrating E&D to advance understanding of differences. 
  • Continue to enhance staff confidence in the PREVENT agenda and minimise any negative outcomes (perceived or otherwise). 
  • Foster greater recognition of being an inclusive College that celebrates diversity and provides a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and work. 


  • Successful delivery of the tutorial programme and embedded learner voice questions in the eILP 
  • Embed training within staff induction and within the academic year so staff are confident and have a full understanding of the agenda. A review of referrals 
  • Positive outcomes through learner voice feedback and a review of pastoral issues raised across the academic year